Bishop Louis Laravoire Morrow
Our Founder…….
       Bishop Morrow, popularly known as “The Smiling Bishop”, was one of those rare persons who dedicated their lives selflesslyto the betterment of humanity, with a view “To love God and help others tolove God.” 
      The ‘Call of God’ is truly amazing! His parents brought this boy at the age of five, from TexasUSA, To Mexico-destined in time for India, where he served our people to the end of his life. God’s way sare marvellous indeed!

       Louis L.R. Morrow was born on 24th December, 1892, at Weatherford, Texas, to loving parentsJoseph and Isabel. His sister Margarita was born there in Mexico.
        In the year 1921, “Luisito” was ordained priest in Puebla, Mexico. Thus began his glorious career of service. On 25th May, 1939, he was consecrated Bishop of Krishnagar by Pope Pious XII, at St.Peter’s Basilica in Rome. His coat-of arms bore the inscription, “To Jesus through Mary”, as from an early age he was devoted to our Blessed Mother.
        On 12th December,1948 Father Bishop laid the foundation of the Cogregation of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate to help through their various activities, the people in need.
        He and his staff priests and Sisters of Charity worked and sacrificed relentlesslyduring the Bengal famine of 1943-44, to mitigate the sufferings of all in their area.
        Between 1952 and 1955 he acted as an elected Commissioner of the Muncipal Board of Krishnagar. Number of books which he composed and published for children have been translated into many languages. His large catechism, OUR CATHOLIC FAITH, is the best known of his publication and is of international repute.
        In 1969 he retired as Bishop of Krishnagar, but never ceased to serve humanity. His motto throughout life was”To love God and help others to love God!”
        Bishop Morrow loved children dearly and enjoyed being in their midst as Father and friend. He had a child like heart and mind and spirit full of kindly thoughts for others, radiating to all the love of Jesus. As founder of the SMI he made a valuable contribution towards a happier and healthier world for children and thereby for our nation too.
 May Father Bishop’s gracious smile and encouraging words ever linger in our hearts, inspiring us to sow seeds of joy, love and peace, wherever we go, in noble and tireless service of God and his people.