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Alappuzha Sub District- Mathematics Fair 2012-13

Date: 1 Nov 2012 Comments: 3 so far

MIHS won overall championship in Alappuzha Sub District Mathematics fair 2012-13 . Out of the total of 11 events MIHS won first prize in 10 events and 3rd prize in the 11th event. MIHS maintained their leadership in Mathematics fair in almost all the events this year too. Congratulations Mathematics club , teachers and students for their excellent effort.

  1. 3 Comments to “Alappuzha Sub District- Mathematics Fair 2012-13”

    1. admin says:

      Congratulations Mathematics Club team members , participants and teachers!!

    2. arjun s mohan says:

      PrOUd Of mY sChOOl….

    3. abey says:

      PrOUd Of mY sChOOl….

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