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Mathematics Fair 2009

Date: 16 Aug 2009 Comments: 5 so far


School Mathematics fair will be conducted on 24 th august 2009.
The following will be the major events on the fair
i) Number Chart
ii) Geometric Chart
iii) Other Charts

iv) Still Model
v) Working Model
vi) Pure Maths Construction
vii) Applied Maths Construction
viii) Puzzles
ix) Games
x) Project (Single)
xi) Projecr (Group)

maths fair 2009







maths fair 2009

  1. 5 Comments to “Mathematics Fair 2009”

    1. vimal says:

      bad blog……i want the applied constroction for maths fair…here no photoes,links,nothingg…….i hate this……………….

    2. p v pradeepan says:

      i want working model in maths

    3. hamim sheriff says:

      works are good but pls include more working models

    4. hamim sheriff says:

      works are good but could include more projects and working models……………….

    5. admin says:

      @ vimal . This is not a blog meant for giving the mathematics fair detailed account. This is a blog from a school, which shows the different activities happening inside the school. Thats why we are not including the details of each mathematics models presented by our students in district /state level fairs. We felt that a lot of visitors to this website is coming here by searching those , From this year onwards we will include the details of each models presented in the fair from the school as everyone request for it. Thanks for visiting the website..

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